Feb 14, 2010

It's Official

Just going to let the AP do the talking:

Ukraine's Central Election Commission says opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych has won the presidential election according to the final official count.

This comes one day after Tymoshenko went on television to claim the vote was rigged.

Even American voters can attest, close votes expose all the dirty parts of the democratic process. But as Al Gore learned in 2000, it's hard to keep your mojo high when the other guy has been declared the winner.

Then again, Tymoshenko has a lot of mojo.


elmer said...

"never give up, never give in"

Do I have to tell you guys everything?


All 15 members of the Central Election Commission signed the official election result today, though five attached a “separate opinion.”

Yulia Shvets, a commission member appointed by Timoshenko, said “the protocol may not reflect the result correctly, since the courts are considering Timoshenko’s appeals and no rulings have been handed down yet.”

A single Kiev court is considering 43 of Timoshenko’s appeals, Interfax reported, citing Pylypenko.

elmer said...

"never give up, never give in"

What does it mean when the Central Election Commission is not neutral?


Regions-dominated CEC refuses to consider BYT complaints

The Central Election Commission, on which Regions have the largest number of representatives, has refused to address BYT demands of recounts of votes in a number of constituencies, UNIAN reports Feb. 14, with 10 members supporting the refusal, 4 nays and one abstaining. CEC explained its refusal by the fact that BYT complaints had been lodged later than the deadline envisaged by the law.
CEC members clashed over the refusal to consider BYT appeals. Before voting on the decision, Yulia Shvets and Zhanna Usenko-Chorna called CEC session a farce orchestrated by Regions members.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Can't disagree with you elmer.

Just think the train is leaving the station.

If it's any help, we have it on good authority that all the grand mothers in New York voted for Pani Yulia at least twice.

elmer said...

The problem is that all the grandfathers and grandmothers in Ukraine, having been bused around by Yanukovych, voted at least 3 times - in multiple districts.

They voted early and often.

Really - there were unusually large numbers of people who voted early in Party of Regions strongholds.

They were "permitted" to do so - by their Party of Regions affiliated bosses.

"Nice work if you can get it,
and you can get it if you try."

Yushchenko and Tymoshenko should both be horse-whipped - publicly, of course - we only want прозорність (openness) in Ukraine - for engaging in their psychotic shenanigans against each other.

elmer said...

"never give up, never give in"

This is one that I'm sure you will like - Tymo dropped her lawsuit in the court challenging the election results.

There are 49 judges on the panel. The entire panel is, shall we say, "politicized."

Her people, at one point, failed to show up for the court session - that's a strong signal.

What it boils down to is that the Court system in Ukraine is so crooked, not even a crook can prove a case.

Go to the followin link, which explains it all. Better yet, go to the middle of the page, and you will see one of the Party of Regions thugs listening attentively to the case - while reading a newspaper!

Talk about knowing that the fix is in!

Those Ukrainians sure know how to multitask!