May 7, 2009

A Pig's Life

Some stories are just too good not to stretch the borders of Eternal Remont. Like this one...

According to the BBC, "Afghanistan's only known pig has been quarantined because of fears over swine flu." His name is Khanzir. We assume that life as the only pig in a country might have some advantages. But quarantined? Turns out, local residents were afriad he would spread the pig flu, so they put poor Khanzir in the lock-up.

"Acknowledging that being Afghanistan's only pig is a lonely existence, [Kabul Zoo Director] Aziz Gul Saqib says he hopes to find Khanzir a female companion soon. However, he says, because of swine flu, 'it is a dangerous and difficult time to get a new pig for our pig.'"

Maybe Khanzir can share a bunk with Nino (or, Ninyo if you want to say his name right...thanks to our readers)?

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Ha, ha! Reading the post I was wondering who can keep this only pig of Afghanistan. And only in the third paragraph was shocked by my slowcoachness :)

of course, a pig in Afghanistan, can be only in a zoo. Happy Khanzir, as at least it won't be slaughtered for a meal ;)

P.S. That elephant is Ninyo.