May 5, 2009

Georgia's Beer Hall Putsch

"Georgian officials have described a revolt that broke out at an Army base near the capital of Tbilisi Tuesday as part of a military coup that has Russian backing."

Everyone relax, it failed.

[Update:] Russian NATO Envoy (and reliable quote machine) Dmitry Rogozin responded to the accusation in classic Rogozin style. On the highly probable role that Moscow played in the mutiny, Rogozin scoffed:
“If Saakashvili gets diarrhea, it must also be the hand or foot of Moscow...We’re tired of replying to such provocative stupidity, such drivel put out by the Nazi leader of Georgia.”

Yeah, they did it.


Leopolis said...

From Beer to coffee... it looks like somebody has been reading ER:

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

HAHA, I saw that this morning and smiled.

That story is so yesterdy.


Ern said...

Why are Russians throwing the word "Nazi" around like it's meaningless?

Leopolis said...

Wow, Rogozin, that's tame. Should have mentioned that the U.S. was to blame for good measure.


What made me angry most was that New York Times published that piece by that moron Rogozin! What happens to good old Times?


per coffee... is it ethic to write an entire article based on a blog and its comments?

I think I'll email Applebaum as a jealously ER fan.


Anne Applebaum writes:
"I have never heard of Eternal Remont"

What a shame to her!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

"I have never heard of Eternal Remont."

Hahaha, nice!!