May 12, 2009

Drunk, Disorderly and Four Injured Cops

Ukraine has been out of the headlines lately. That must mean that things are settling -- wait, nevermind...

Ukraine's interior minister has offered to resign after being detained at Frankfurt airport after an altercation with police while apparently drunk.
Yuri Lutsenko called it a "banal situation," but still managed to injure four German police officers as they tried to subdue him. If this is how you translate "banal" in Ukranian, we shudder to think what the Ukranians would call "violently drunk."


BabaYaga said...

Apparently he also verbally abused them, calling the German police "Nazi Swine." Bad form, great material for the ER banner politician coverage


Read this brilliant piece - though it is in two languages I don't know (German and Ukrainian) - it is perfectly understood!!!

Міністр і німці
п,єса на одну дію.

Minister and Germans
One-act play

nimh said...

Livlivs, very funny.

"Майн фазер грос фюрер он Юкрейн!"


Thanks, Nimh,

....Український міністр. (шепче синові) Я ещё не фюрер...
Син українського міністра. ...гросс полицай фюрер! Главный мент! Понимаешь?!