Jul 24, 2008

Anyone Who Poisons You with Dioxin is Not Your Friend, Vik

VOA: Ukrainian President Yushchenko says he believes a former ally and friend could have been involved in his nearly-fatal poisoning four years ago. At a news conference Thursday, Yushchenko made allegations about the possible involvement of David Zhvania, a member of a pro-presidential parliamentary faction and godfather to one of his children. The president gave no evidence for his claim. The charge marks a sharp departure from the president's previous refusal to identify who he thought was responsible.

It follows Zhavania's claims earlier this month that the president suffered only from "food poisoning." He accused Mr. Yushchenko's staff of inventing the poisoning story to gain the sympathy of the Ukrainian people.


Blair Sheridan said...

I'm going to post about this later today, doing a roundup of what's in the Ukrainian papers, if you're interested.

Have a look at: easternapproaches.wordpress.com


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