Jul 30, 2008

Russian Emigrants in PA Charged with Asylum Fraud

YahooNews: A group of Russian-born immigrants made $3 million helping 380 asylum-seekers file bogus applications over a 4-yr period. David Lynn, 33, posed as an immigration lawyer and coached natives of eastern Europe on how to claim persecution on religious, sexual orientation or other grounds, prosecutors said.

He charged $8,000 per person or $10,000 to $12,000 per family, according to officials who said they found $560,000 in cash and two gold bars hidden in floorboards of Lynn's home during a 2007 raid. Federal authorities also moved to retain more than $1.3 million in seized cash and other assets, including funds kept in a Swiss bank account.

Despite a reputation that spread through the eastern European community in NE Philadelphia.

Free Advice: Marry an American. It's cheaper than paying that dude.


Jaybird said...

Just how "cheap" do you think I am??? C'mon now...

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