Jul 1, 2008

I'll Take Russian Double Jepordy for $1,000

Mikhail Khodorkovsky is going back on trial. However, Khodorkovsky hasn't committed any new crimes since he was locked away in a Siberian prison. As a result, Russian prosecutors have decided just to charge him with the exact same crimes as before.

"What is 'the definition of Double Jepordy,' Alex?"

According to Khodorkovsky's attorneys, "'The defense has not been able to understand what is actually 'new' after reading a 145-page...file. It was the same set of absurd and baseless accusations of misappropriation...of all oil extracted over the six years of Yukos' life."

Worse yet, Khodorkovsky's lawyers are hoping that President Medvedev will intervene and show just how committed he really is to the new crusade against legal nihilism. "We are convinced that whichever legal gimmicks may be in the works, the referral of the case to a court with the slightest sign of independence will cause these far-fetched charges to fall apart," they said.

It just like all of those Gulag prisoners of old who furtivly wrote letters to Stalin to protesting their innocence.

...Stalin had signed their arrest orders.

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Ern said...

I love the guise of law and order. Really, could they at least try a little harder on this Potemkin Village they call the rule of law?