Oct 15, 2007

"Genocide" Gets a Vote

"When asked about criticism that it could harm relations with Turkey -- a key ally in the war in Iraq and a fellow member of NATO -- Pelosi said, 'There's never been a good time," adding that it is important to pass the resolution now "because many of the survivors are very old.'"

Meanwhile, the Administration appears to be pleading with Ankara not to plow across the border into Iraqi Kurdistan . Reuters reports that “Kurdish rebels shot dead 13 Turkish soldiers last Sunday, the worst such incident in years and likely to put more pressure on the government to authorize a cross-border military strike against Kurdish bases in Iraq.” This story has all the fun and potential of a Ziguli stuffed with anxious cobras.

Not a good time indeed.

1 comment:

Igor said...

I hate to strike a discordant note here, but I think Turkey is WAY overreacting to this. It's not like the US needs Turkey more than the other way around. And its a NON-BINDING resolution. There are tons of countries that have to put up with symbolic crap from Congress that may or may not be true (Russia: Captive Nations, Jackson-Vanik). SO WHAT? Deal with it.

Just my two cents.