Oct 30, 2007

A friend in need . . . . is a friend indeed?

A surprising oped piece was published recently in Turkish Daily News, one of the leading English-language news sources on Turkey. It was written by the acting president of TUSAM, a new addition to the Turkish think-tank scene, which serves as a policy recommendation center on issues of Turkish national security. The author of this article either displays a Russian-esque genius (in his ability to completely ignore facts and still claim to present "the truth") or a complete ignorance of Central Asian politics. Although a tragic combination of these qualities is also quite likely.

Apparently, "the state in every circumstance is leading the way in economic and social reform. Today, the state is regulating legal reforms to stay in step with the rules of global competition in the transition period." Oh, where to begin criticizing this nonsense? If by "rules of global competition" they mean state-sanctioned torture and terror, then yes, by it is indeed "staying in step."

But the best part is the author's "analysis" of the Andijan incident. Apparently, the protesters were not largely peaceful businessmen and their patronage clients, as nearly every major news source has reported, but rather "It is well known that the arrested protestors declared themselves members of Hizb-ut- Tahrir were supported [sic] by Western-based NGOs." Wow. That would be amazing. If it were true, that is. Western NGOs, who are barely able to function in the highly authoritarian state of Uzbekistan, most certainly are not supporting members of an organization on the State Dept's list of terrorist organizations! Either the editors over at Turkish Daily News are on leave and their less-than-competent aides are filtering the oped pieces, or else the Turkish perception of their Central Asian brethren is seen through a stout pair of beer goggles.


Pirates&Diplomats said...

Those dastardly “Western-based NGOs." Making trouble again...!

Too bad they can't come up with their own boogieman, but crib from the Kremlin.

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