Oct 1, 2007

Ukraine Votes

The magic braids of democacy give her an edge.

RFE/RL: "Tymoshenko's bloc so far holds 33.5 percent of the vote with just over half the votes counted. Yanukovych's pro-Russia party is close behind with 30.5 percent, while the Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense party of President Viktor Yushchenko is trailing in third with just 15.7 percent."

Always quoteworthy, Yanukovych opined, "We are the winners of these elections."



Igor said...

Yanukovych actually pulled ahead of BYuT slightly at this point (32% to 31%), with 80% of the vote count completed. He'll probably win, but the good news is that Yushchenko is getting a solid 15%, so some tough negotiations for the Orange Forces are ahead.

Let's just pray national interest will trump personal ambitions this time around.

FYI, for the most updated count, go to http://www.unian.net/eng/

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