Oct 15, 2007

Hacking and Illegal Downloads Are Not an IT Skill?

Jen: Eastern Europeans not adept at computers? Obviously the survey did not include hackers and piraters.

Oct 15th 2007
The Economist

THE distribution of computing skills across Europe shows a clear pattern according to a recent report from the European Union. The inhabitants of southern and eastern Europe are the least adept at using computers and the internet. Computer whizzes are more likely to be found in a edge running from Germany up to the Nordic countries. Bulgarians seem a little baffled by the online revolution. But IT skills correlate closely with long-standing access to computers, broadband penetration and the like. As these improve, countries that now lag may encourage a new wave of nerds to emerge. The index was compiled looking both at users' abilities and at their use of theinternet to interact with government and business.

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Pirates&Diplomats said...

Considering that a sizable portion of the off-the-books GDP in the region comes from Hacking and Piracy, I'd really have to question this survey.