Sep 24, 2007

Why do the British always encourage emigration?

Crazy Puritanical? Try Massachusettes
Catholic? We set up Maryland for you
Poor? Move to Eastern Europe already

The Sofia Weekly: Britons who want to reduce their cost of living have been advised to consider relocating to Bulgaria. The Metro newspaper said the eastern European country had much lower prices than the UK in many areas, such as its property market. As an example, the publication said that people could purchase a two-bedroom flat in Sofia for approximately GBP 22,000. Furthermore, the price of enjoying leisure activities such as eating out was also highlighted. The Metro stated that customers at a restaurant could expect to pay less than GBP 6 for a typical meal, while a litre of beer was said to cost 35p. This contrasts with a recent report from Zagat which found that the UK capital London had the most expensive restaurants in the world. According to the study, an average meal in London costs over GBP 39, more than in cities such as Paris, New York and Tokyo.

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