Sep 10, 2007

The British Are Going to Bulgarian Dentists

It might explain a lot...

The Sofia Weekly: Dental tourism is an increasing trend with more and more Britons, who combine a holiday to Bulgaria's Black Sea coast with a visit to the dentist. Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Thailand are cashing in from a growing number of Britons who cannot get treatment on the NHS or cannot afford to pay huge bills for going private, the Finance Market online edition reported.

The medical search engine,, has revealed that 35,000 Britons a year travel overseas for dental work and nearly 60,000 searched online for information on dentists. The company declared that Britons can save up to 70% by travelling overseas for dental treatment - before accommodation and flights are taken into account. Bulgaria is a preferred destination due to the low-cost, high-quality dental care. Prices that local dentists charge are about seven times lower than those in Great Britain.


Джон said...

this doesn't prove a thing about universal health care. if we can blow billions and billions on a patch-of-sand country not even our own, we can still have insured, healthy kids - with better teeth than the Brits, to boot.

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