Sep 27, 2007

Karma's a Bitch II

In a follow-up to last month's story on problems with the Nord Stream project (File Under: Karma's a Bitch), the Estonian government has declined a request to let the pipeline cross it's Baltic seabed.

"In an official communiquĂ©, Estonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted the high sensitivity of the Baltic maritime environment and advised that an overland route for the gas pipeline would be preferable to a seabed route....Schroeder scheduled a lobbying visit to Estonia on the project’s behalf. But after rehashing Moscow's anti-Estonian barbs in a speech to a German audience, Schroeder was informed by Tallinn that he would not be welcome there." (EDM)

Yes of course, the maritime environment....that's it.

Meanwhile, officials in Poland are practicing how to say "Transit Fees" in Russian.

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