Sep 14, 2007

Andrei Piontkovsky On Trenin's Book

Dmitri Trenin' new book, Getting Russia Right, highlights all the positive news from Russia's regions. Amb. James F. Collins, now at Carnegie, sent out an invite for a Sept. 20 cocktail reception and discussion.

WashPost reports: "One person Collins invited, Andrei Piontkovsky, who writes very cynical, satirical op-eds about Putin and the Federal Security Service...and whose last little book provoked the Russian government to try him for extremism -- e-mailed his regrets. 'Thank you for your kind invitation,' he wrote. 'Unfortunately, the day when insightful and optimistic Mr. Trenin presents his objective analysis, I have another obligation. I'll be in Moscow facing FSB charges of 'extremism.' Please pass Mr. Trenin my fascination with his sense of historical optimism and his intellectual flexibility."

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