Jun 12, 2007

Russian Ninja Arrested

So, inspired by the legend of Robin the Hood, this Russian soldier ran around Italian farms, stealing from the rich (i.e. pensioners), failing to distribute to the poor? Oh, and he was dressed in medieval English costume, like Robin Hood, who was well know as an elite ninja, clad in black with night vision goggles.

That's like me being Kevin Federline for Halloween and wearing a respectable suit and contributing in some small, meager way to society. - JCE

From BBC: Italian police have arrested a Russian "ninja" who had been spreading fear across farmlands in the north of the country. The man, camouflaged in an all black suit, had robbed several farmers and their families at knife point, police say. Police had been searching for him for several weeks. He targeted isolated farms late at night forcing farmers to hand over cash and valuables at arrow point. His victims were usually so afraid they didn't report the attacks until some days later.

But on Monday night the "ninja" was outwitted. As he smashed through the door of a farmhouse, a feisty old pensioner was waiting for him. Police eventually trailed him to an abandoned farmhouse where he was arrested. He was later identified as Igor Vaclavic, a former soldier from the Russian army. When asked about his chosen disguise, he told police he had been inspired by his boyhood idol - Robin Hood.

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