Jun 12, 2007

Moldovan Journalists are Armed and Considered Dangerous

From the International Herald Tribune (Thanks John!)

Moldova's defense minister was dismissed by Pres Voronin after a civilian was killed during a shooting demonstration where the minister allowed journalists to use automatic rifles. Voronin fired Plesca late Monday, and prosecutors said that an investigation was under way to determine how a man was shot dead during a shooting practice where journalists fired Kalashnikovs at a military base near a Moldovan village.

28 journalists took part in the shooting exercise designed to help them "become familiar with Army activity." It was illegal because civilians are not allowed participate in shooting exercises at military bases, prosecutors said in a statement. After the shooting practice, the body of a man was discovered nearby who had been fatally wounded by an automatic weapon, the statement said. No further details were provided about the man, who was not a journalist.

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