Jun 27, 2007

America is not the only country to f*ck up health care

Way to go, Poland!

From Yahoo News: Poland is campaigning to encourage families to have more children, but as children born in a 1980s boom reach fertility, they are straining a system which constitutionally must provide free services to all Poles.

Since 2004, more people have been born than died each year in this predominantly Catholic nation, although emigration by Poles seeking work means the population of around 38 million is still shrinking. So, the government has led a campaign to persuade Polish women to have more babies to "save the nation from disappearing."

But Poland's economic boom has not led to major improvements in the state's healthcare system and it is poorly placed to deal with a big increase in demand on any front. Pregnant women are often sent away because the hospitals have already spent all their budget for births. Hospitals get a pool of money from the state-run health fund to offer services and once the money is gone, the hospital has no other recourse but to cut back services. Women's organizations advise couples planning babies to try to make sure they are born before the last quarter of the year, when budgets are notoriously tight.


Pirates&Diplomats said...

If you're going to say f*ck, you might as well go all the way. Just like with people who say friggin' all the time.

It shows a general lack of commitment. =)

Ern said...

You and my mother are of the same school of thought. I just didn't want to get thrown off the blog for lewd behavior.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Thrown off of this blog for lewd behavior.

I think we have established that lewd behavior will get you promoted in these parts.

Try harder.

Vika said...

"Hey sweetie, let's not f*k during the months of January through March. Better yet, from December 15th through April 15th, jut in case!"

Vika said...

f*k f*k f*k!!!