Nov 9, 2006

The Weekly Standard is Soused

It is time to think seriously about the question on everyone’s mind: are the editors at The Weekly Standard drinking again?

We ponder the question after they published yet another article by the mad genius, Igor Khrestin. Amid his excellent analysis of Russia’s reaction to the Mid-term elections, Igor notes this little aside, “But with bilateral relations descending to Cold War levels in the recent months, Democrats in control of key House…”

Cold War? Holy Jesus, when did this happen?

My Y2K bunker is not even finished. Now I have to ponder the uncomfortable news that the Cold War has returned and we'll have to adjust to the possibility of a post-apocalyptic world without Dean and Deluca.

Still, the article does answer why I have never been able to understand the new CBS series “Jerico.” I kept asking, "Who the hell would nuke Kansas?"

Now we know Mr. Khrestin. Now we know.

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