Nov 10, 2006

Ironing out the Irony

ERN forwarded the logo for Russia's new human rights campaign. (And yes, this blog is hereby illegal in Germany.) The irony, of course, is not lost amid a day of ironic developments.

Three days ago, Russia’s delegation to the UN introduced a resolution condemning xenophobia and racism. UN diplomat Andrei Nikiforov noted that such things were “absolutely incompatible with the obligations assumed” by UN member states. (Jamestown). Nikiforov seems to have missed reports of his country’s shameful treatment of Georgian school children last month, Putin’s acute case of xenophobia, or the unvarnished racism which occurs on a daily basis towards minorities in the Russian Federation.

This presents a maddening question, ripe with opportunity: can Russia be brought to answer for its own United Nations resolution?

Indeed, Moscow hopes to use the resolution to harass Latvia and Estonia for “anti-Russian” language laws abroad, while insulating the government from accusations that it has promoted xenophobia and racism at home.

‘That’s preposterous. Look, we have a UN resolution!’


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