Nov 6, 2006

Nostalgia for the future

ERN flagged a great article in RFE/RL on Alexander Prokhanov's new look at Russia's future Empire.

“One can see signs of emerging empire almost everywhere. In events such as the building of new types of ships and submarines...launching the new 'Bulova' missile...or the construction of the North European Gas Pipeline,” said Prokhanov.

The timing of the book is important. Prokhanov's nationalist fantasies have long propelled his own political aspirations. And even though his unapologetic anti-Semitism could shame even Borat, it is worrisome that his ideas have found such fertile soil among Russia’s intellectuals and autocrats. Even more worrisome, is the thought that these highly-influential groups are beginning to mistake the influx of petro dollars as signs that “sovereign democracy” is producing a genuine renaissance in the country.


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