Oct 20, 2006

Spelling in Ukraine

Washington Changes Spelling of Ukrainian Capital

U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said on October 19 that the U.S.government has changed the official spelling of the name of theUkrainian capital from "Kiev" to "Kyiv." Casey added that the new spelling is "in keeping with how the Ukrainians themselves pronounce the name of their capital."


I suspect this is just an attempt to confuse lost Russian tourists.
--“Which road takes me to Kiev?”
--“No, Kiev.”
--“Never heard of it...”



IK said...

That's what I'm talking about, great news. Now if get the L'viv/L'vov/Lwow/Lemberg thing figured out, we're in business!

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Let's keep going... we can take a trip to Miskiw, Saint Pitirsbirg, Pskiv, Tvir, and other cities within Greater Ukraine.

This would take me beyond the most orange of my orange collegues.


IK said...


Let's just make it into a game of Risk. UKRAINE IS NOT WEAK!!!

I like your idea, btw...