Oct 20, 2006

Poland Deports Freedom-seeking Belarusian Cows

Not even Belarussian cows can breathe free air!

On October 19, Poland began deporting 242 luckless Belarusian cows, which broke an electric fence on October 15 and swam across the Zakhodni Buh River to Poland. The illegal border-crossers then joined a herd of Polish cows. News reports say that Polish border guards and veterinary officials tried, but failed, to persuade the animals to swim back home. Now the Belarusian cows are being trucked across the border into their home country ruled by an authoritarian president.

The state farm, which owns the herd of border transgressors, will reportedly have to bear the cost of maintaining the heifers in Poland and delivering them back to Belarus. The manager of the farm insists that the herdsmen, aged 50 and 29, should be required to compensate the enterprise for the losses incurred in the incident.

No report on how the cows feel after their short taste of freedom.



IK said...

That is bloody hilarious. Give me liberty or give me death. Freedom is universal, for all leaving creatures.
Going to greener pastures, literally!


Pirates&Diplomats said...

Poor cows. They struggle to chew the green grass of freedom.