Oct 10, 2006

Politkovskaya Update:

With friends like these.......who needs enemies?

The non-independent Russian news media went into high gear over the weekend, busy spinning the Politkovskaya murder with fantastic and bizare explinations.

It would seem, as the government-backed Russsian news explains, Politkovskaya’s assassination was ordered by her friends and supporters. Yes, Politkovskaya's death was simply wily plot to create a democratic martyr and prompt – wait for it -- an Orange Revolution in Russia.

Of course, this line of reasoning completely disregards Politkovskaya pending expose detailing accounts of torture carried out by the Kremlin-backed Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov, or her scheduled appearance as a witness in a torture case, also involving Kadyrov. Disregard that Kadyrov and his backers in the Kremlin had the most to loose from Politkovskaya’s activities, let alone the fact that, from their perspective, this woman was becoming a really meddlesome threat that wouldn’t go away.

Thank goodness her friends killed her.

As the monotone news casters inform Russian viewers, they should really be concerned with Orange Revolutions and not Putin’s “Dictatorship of the Law,” a dictatorship which is rapidly becoming ill at ease with the facts, and even more discontent with those who ask questions about torture and corruption at it’s highest levels.


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Pirates&Diplomats said...

If Russia does manage to do a quick, thorough, and convincing investig... ok, I'm done with that. You can't read it, and I can't write it. But if they can pull off ONE of those adjectives, it will say a lot for the Kremlin. It would be quite a PR accomplishment for Moscow to get someone in front of a judge, who, having just received a very explicit phone call from Ustinov, convicts the killer. Or KEELER, to use the Russian.

Or, instead of whitewashing Kadyrov to prove he didn't do it, Moscow could actually investigate this likely culprit. Hell, if they want to get that monster out of Chechnya, this is the time and occasion to do it. I guess, since according to Putin Politkovskaya's writings were not that influential in Russia and thus couldn't have possibly damaged the reputation of the shining rytsar' of Grozny, we needn't look for any connections there.