Oct 10, 2006

God Bless you Don King

Robert tuned us in to this little gem. It seems that US-Russian relations has a new Champion, of sorts. He is the tower of a man, and boxing title holder, Nikolai Valuev.

Better yet, Don King is promoting him as a bridge between our two great peoples. Bid farewell to Rocky V, with all of that passé divisiveness and jingoistic posturing. “I must break you.” Say hello to the new, kinder image of teeth-shattering, face pummeling, US-Russo relations.

From the TimesOnline: “Don King had gone from hello to full rhetoric in about 30 seconds. Now he was quoting Shakespeare, talking of uniting Russia and the United States, and all the while giving praise to a huge man who had just left the room and did not understand a word he said.

“’He defends the honor of women. No one can hurt his wife in the parking lot, he helps the old lady across the street, he grabs the little baby from under the car — he’s a man of the people, with pride, dignity, compassion and understanding,’ King said, hitting full flow. “Nicolay, Nicolay our new champion.’”


Even better, Nikolai Valuev bested Monte Barrett in the 11th round of their championship bout on Saturday night. More to come, we are sure.

God Bless you Don King.

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