Mar 4, 2008

Vladimir Churov is Unaware

The Council of Europe issued a negative report on the Russian presidential elections, citing lack of media freedom, denial of candidates, and ballot stuffing at the polls -- the usual suspects. CE delegation head Andreas Gross noted that the "democratic potential" of the Russian electorate "was unfortunately not tapped."

Remember kids, democracy is just like a beer keg. Dude, where's the tap?

Anyway, Russian Central Election Commission Head Vladimir Churov figured it was his job to respond to the nosey assesments of foreigners. "What should I do, should I make CEC members work naked?" Churov then went in for the kill, "I am unawar of any document which would outline a procedure for the use of democratic potential."

Eternal Remont might gratiously point Mr. Churov to Article 32 of the Russian Constitution. It provides a wonderful outline on the right to vote, the principles of representitve government, and even the process of free and open elections.

But that's missing the point, right Churov?

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