Mar 7, 2008

Skimming from UkrGazEnergo

Carnegie had a lunch panel yesterday. For those who missed it, you know who you are. NATO, UkrGazEnergo, and the Party of Regions were all on the agenda. Today’s VoA has the highlight film, if you’re interested.

What is not included in the story, is the part where Aslund first hinted, then declined on follow-up, to name the “three main beneficiaries” in Ukraine who profit directly from skimming cash out of UkrGazEnergo.

The flirt.

Aslund did note that Medvedev most likely does not have a stake in the skimming. Instead, the real greed is localized in the Ukrainian side of the venture. While Tymoshenko’s desire to cut UkrGazEnergo out of the loop is a necessary attempt to combat corruption, there is still a substantial amount of cash that is disappearing into the Ukranian government in a “non-transparent manner.”

That's what George Washington Plunkitt calls "honest graft."

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