Mar 12, 2008

"Clan Yanukovych"

Spring is here. That means fantasy baseball time.

Eternal Remont's has already picked its fantasy line-up from Clan Yanukovych.


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Anonymous said...

You forgot third-baseman No. 28 Sergei Kisilyov, now batting...

Who by the way should be in jail for being the man who wiped his nose on the Constitution of Ukraine and every election law being the ringleader in falsifying the 2004 presidential election. But he is a DEPUTY, where the criminals go in Ukraine.

You also didn't include number 63 Volodymyr "The Count" Malyshev, or the proFFesor's own son number 89 warming the bench.

However, number 150 is a bonafide hottie! She'd make any "orange" man turn all "blue" if you catch my drift!