Feb 15, 2008

Medvedev & Putin Talk Two Different Games

Soon-to-be Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said this week that freedom, private property and an independent judiciary would be the central planks of his administration.

He also noted that Russia and the United States share common values and have no choice but to cooperate.

This follows statements by current President and Soon-to-be Prime Minister Putin that Russia would resume the moribund arms race with the West and target nuclear missiles on Eastern Europe.

Putin said the same thing about Bulgaria in 2007, then promptly signed a multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline deal with said target for nuclear annihilation. So this might be the only way he knows how to make friends.

Either way, Medvedev is talking like it's 1996 (See you at the Ugly Duck on Friday!), while Putin is rocking out to 1976 (I buy your blue jeans. Do you have dollars? I buy your dollar).

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