Feb 22, 2008

Brute Force

Back in October, we noted that Putin had dispatched everyone's favorite nationalist lunatic, Dmitry Rogozin, to serve as NATO Ambassador.

Since then, Rogozin has made himself at home in Brussels and distinguished himself for little gems like, "Polish colleagues must be reminded of their recent history...which indicates that attempts to place Poland 'on the confrontation line' have always led to tragedies. That way Poland lost nearly one third of its citizens during World War II." (Thanks Leopolis).

Now we assume that Rogozin is speaking of ye ol' Molotov-Ribbentrop pact here -- the part where Russia put Poland 'on the confrontation line.' But he could also be giving a wink to the Warsaw uprising, where much of the city was cut to ribbons while Russian troops watched idly.

But we digress.

Yesterday, Russia's lone gun at NATO weighed in on this Kosovo business. Did he ever. With his his usual tact and subtlty, Rogozin noted that "Russia would 'proceed on the basis that in order to be respected we need to use brute force'" to keep the Kosovo business from getting out of hand.

That's right, Kosovo has disrespected Russia by exercising its rights under Article 1.2 of the UN Charter to disassociate itself from a country that twice in the last 20 years attempted to exterminate its population...and it wasn't Russia.

Now, this only makes sense to Dmitry Rogozin. But that's all that matters. Because the only thing more dangerous than someone like Dmitry Rogozin, is someone like Dmitry Rogozin who is not trapped in Brussels as NATO Ambassador.

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