Jun 1, 2010

Oh No... I agree with Nashisti on this one

Yeah, there it is. I just said that. According to EnglishRussia, recently in Moscow supermarkets swastika stickers have appeared on Lithuanian products. The stickers showed up around the same time the youth movement "Nashi" called for a boycott on Lithuanian goods because the Klaipeda court had announced the swastika to be a historic heritage of Lithuania.

I kinda think it's a clever protest. Best way to protest anything is to hit people in their pockets. Good work, Nashisti. I can't condemn it. I can only encourage more consistency in your messages.


Mykola said...

If reviving historic symbols is in fashion, I say the Nashisti should break out their red "pioneer" scarfs.

Mark said...

Considering the freakout in some quarters regarding the image of Stalin appearing on some buses and bus shelters in Russia, I'm curious why this didn't come up on some of the Russophobe blogs. I mean, in theory the only thing they hate worse than Stalinism is Naziism, right?

Oh, I forgot. For them, it's only evil if Russia does it.

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pj said...

why is it a clever protest?