May 3, 2010

Putin and Kadyrov are Predators

And not just of the ladies...

But seriously, my fantasy husband Putin and my least favorite orangutan Kadyrov have been included on Reporters without Borders' 2010 list of "40 Predators of the Press". Putin was on last year's list, but this is Kadyrov's first appearance on this particular list of infamy. Said of Ka-durak-ov:

"Anyone questioning [his] policies... is exposed to deadly reprisals ...Often referred to as 'Putin's guard dog', Ramzan Kadyrov shares the Russian prime minister's taste for crude language and strong action."

Sadly, this entry comes under "not surprised" for me, but as you know, I love lists and I love hating on Kadyrov.


Ern said...

Also, is it just me or does that picture of Putin and Kadyrov make them look like Andy Samberg and Justin Tiberlake in the "D*ck in a Box" video?

Mykola said...

"D*ck in a bouquet?"